Monday, 29 July 2013

Why Can't We All Just Be Nice?

The "Nice Way Code" website and campaign, which fortunately (for those of us living below Hadrian's Wall) has only gone live in Scotland is a terrible piece of patronising drivel, which has been widely criticised by anyone with a serious interest in cycling.

My comments weren't exactly the most complimentary that I have written, but it looks like a few of us have tried, but not yet been published.

So, for the record, this is what I have to say about the #nicewaycode:

There is nothing nice about this at all. It is just patronising drivel and a complete waste of money.
What is needed is well designed space for all road users, and that includes double segregation so cyclists have their own space, safely away from traffic where needed and also where there is no space conflict between them and pedestrians.
Simply telling us to stop jumping lights will have zero effect on the minority that do this, as they will keep doing so anyway. However, you can learn from what the Dutch do and design out the need to do so by creating traffic light bypasses on t-junctions, and massively shorterning wait times at junctions, or replacing terrible toucans with zebras.
Equally, this campaign will have no impact on the minority of drivers who pose a serious threat to other roads users by speeding or driving aggressively.
It will just appeal to those who are already “nice”, and is therefore totally pointless.

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