Monday, 25 March 2013

Alvis Retail Park breaches planning guidelines

Earlier this month, a planning application was submitted to Coventry City Council to remodel the facades and parking areas at the Alvis retail park, which is situated on the Holyhead Road, about a mile to the west of Coventry city centre.

This is not just a sprucing up, this is a major retrofit, and as car parking spaces are being modified, there is no reason why long overdue cycle parking cannot also be provided.

This is a full planning application, and it should therefore be subject to the supplementary planning guidance issued to cover provision for cyclists in 2009. Even this guidance is in addition to the Coventry local plan, which states in policy AM11 that consistent cycle provision should be made, and that the needs to disabled people should also be considered.

Moreover, I write as someone who is currently unable to drive due to a long-term health condition, so if blue badge car parking is provided, where is my blue badge cycle parking, or more to the point, any cycle parking at all? 

This failure to provide is a clear breach of the Equalities Act 2010, which states that companies must make reasonable adjustments to ensure that they do not discriminate against customers because of their disability.  Given that the traditional Sheffield cycle parking stands cost from just £30 plus VAT each to install, it is perfectly reasonable to expect the retail park to do this.


If you are someone who rides a bike in Coventry, please take a moment to add an objection to this development going ahead without consideration of the basic needs of cyclists. 

The reference is here – FUL/2013/0350

You can either fill in the form online or e-mail quoting FUL/2013/0350.

Please make sure your comments are made by 29th March 2013.


James Avery

Monday, 18 March 2013

Pickles' Parking Practicalities

Eric Pickles' suggestion that car users should be "let off" parking fines for "only" stopping for 10 minutes has naturally been derided by the cycling community, together with many others who have an interest in maintaining quality urban environments.

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