Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sledgers Dismount

Just think of all those streets in northern towns with treacherous slopes and busy roads at the bottom!

I think it is absolutely outrageous that there may be children young and old out there enjoying themselves, without due care and attention to the perils car drivers at the main road at the bottom of the street might be facing.

Surely the first priority of all councils when they go about their business on Monday morning is to make sure that Sledgers Dismount signs are installed with the utmost urgency!

I can think of a few more that would be great:

  • Cyclists dismount = 
  • Pedestrians hop 
  • Runners skip
  • Drivers leave car
  • Ferry passengers swim
  • Flyers use parachute
  • Buses switch off engines
  • Engineers resign
  • Train passengers walk to next station
  • Sledgers only sledge uphill
  • Fergie win in 90 minutes

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