Sunday, 23 December 2012

You've heard of Carbuncles, what about Cyclebuncles?

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  1. We have a staggered metal obstruction on a pedestrian overpass to enable pedestrians and cyclists to cross a busy roundabout and duel carriage way from the shared ped/cycle path.

    The barriers half way up where the slope meets steps were so tight that I couldn't turn my trike tight enough to pass through, and therefore had to travel a quarter mile further down the main road in order to cross at traffic lights and a quarter mile back on the other side to rejoin the cycle path.

    After complaints to the council by the disabled, the council simply moved one of the metal barriers 12 inches forward, and everyone one including myself has since been able to use the overpass easily.

    Now why on earth couldn't it have been designed and built with a little thought in the first place. It was obvious that it had only been built with only able bodied pedestrians in mind and no one else.

    I often have terrible trouble getting through places with my tricycle.