Monday, 17 December 2012

Can't Draw Don't Draw

For a lot of my comments about the Gateway development, I've tried to be constructive in my criticism, rather than unleash the sniping beasts of negativity.

However, when it comes to the drawing below, I'm afraid I just can't do that. Whoever signed this off (and I won't name names here as this is supposed tobe the season of good will) should hang themselves in shame.

Just what the hell is going on?

Answers on a Christmas Card please!

 I'm tempted to make a comment to Warwick District Planning Department that:

This drawing is quite simply illegible. I cannot make any sense of it. Could the developer please provide a version in "clean drawingish" so that myself and others can understand it?
However, planning law says you can only comment on legitimate planning issues, not the competence or otherwise of the designers making them.

So I'll distill it down to this. At the moment, to pass across this site from Whitley Common to go to the Virgin Active health club, I have to cross traffic once. Under this (so called) design, I will have to cross FOUR times to reach the same site, despite there being far more traffic.

Pedestrians are also going to be shunted all over the place - but apparently that is acceptable because barriers will be put in place to stop them going where they shouldn't.

How about designing a junction that makes it easier to cross in the first place?

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