Thursday, 8 November 2012

Simple Coventry Cycling Map Proposal

This is the latest variation on my proposal to adopt a simple clock-face cycling map of Coventry, drawing on our historic associations with both watch and clock making, and cycle manufacture.

When I first came up with this proposal, the idea was very much to campaign for a long term network of high quality routes, to be built over a period of a decade, or maybe even more.

However, the routes proposed above can all be used today, although there are naturally huge differences in the quality of the existing network.

I will go into more detail about route suggestions later, but these routes are roughly in accordance with what the council is planning to build, although I would suggest numbering them in the 1-12 clock face patter, rather than using more arbitary numbers.

This map shows how the routes might be used for continuation beyond Coventry. Developing outside the city would take more co-operation with neighbouring councils and other organisations. 

Are these routes the ones you would promote? Which streets or other corridors would you use?

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