Thursday, 12 July 2012

If we keep doing the same things, we will just get the same results

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  1. It's a pity that the developers of the plant didn't pay some section 106 money to improve cycle access from Staircase Lane, North Brook Road and Brown's Lane.

    Since the original idea was to put a cycle path alongside Coundon Wedge Drive (rejected due to the hundreds of trees which would be affected), there was clearly money about.

  2. I have asked the council to explain where the money the developer was supposed to be paying went. As you say, it wouldn't have taken much imagination to find a better use for it, whilst still being relevant to the land they are building on.

    b. Was there a specific clause mandating that the route be segregated, and if so, why did this not happen?
    c. What budget was made available by the developer, and how much was actually spent on cycling facilities?
    d. Was there a requirement to provide a cycle route to the north of the development, or just to the south?
    e. Was there a requirement to provide a through walking / cycling route onto Brown's Lane at the rear of the development?
    f. Was there a requirement to provide junction enhancements at the roundabout on Coundon Wedge Drive, and also at the roundabout where Coundon Wedge Drive meets the Holyhead Road?

  3. With respect to section 106 money, the process does not seem to be transparent as to:
    - how much section 106 money can be obtained from the developer OR
    - on which projects it can be spent OR
    - geographically how far from the site of development it may be spent on whatever project.

    Without this transparency we are unable to recommend effectively / target that support to the city cycling strategy. The question being asked by several communities is how to do we obtain such vision?

    I know well the local area described by photo and description but I still find it complex to orientate my thoughts to interpret and appreciate the issues. Specifically the exact locations of the problems.

    Was it James or George who advised me of the GeoVation cyclescape blog which appears to provide GIS database (Geographical Info. System) ie a map on which can be added the fine detail.
    Rather than free text blog - as above (which is a damn good meal of a read), would it be more efficient to long term record data into such a system. In that way tracking of data and reports etc ought to be available as and when needed